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Master of Business Administration

Welcome to the Grace College Master of Business Administration program, which provides a curriculum and environment where current and future business professionals are transformed through the study of business from a distinctly biblical perspective.

Our online MBA program understands business from a distinctly biblical perspective. The first course in the curriculum constructs this Christian perspective foundation, while the courses that follow further develop this perspective. The first divine instructions include commands to subdue and have dominion over God’s creation (Genesis 1:26, 28) and to work and keep God’s garden (Genesis 2:15). These commands are further developed in other scriptural passages, they remain in effect to this day, and they endow the practice of business with theological significance.

The Grace College Master of Business Administration degree is constructed and courses are delivered with an intentional applied emphasis. Consistent with learning-by-doing, course assignments allow students to use course concepts in their current employment setting. This allows students to quickly develop an initial proficiency with the concepts being covered. It also allows students to demonstrate to their employers the value-added nature of the program.

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