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Master of Ministry Studies

We recognize that many who are already involved in or plan to be involved in vocational ministry in the local church desire further masters-level theological education but relocating to a residential campus is undesirable. Whether you’re a brand new student, or a student coming from our partnership with Christian University GlobalNet, this program allows you to achieve the credentials you need, while enjoying the flexibility of online education. The 36-hour, fully online Master of Ministry Studies is a great option! Courses are designed to allow you to do the work when it fits your schedule. Also, our students who have taken online courses at Grace not only enjoy the course content, they form a community of learners. The M.A. in Ministry Studies offers three concentrations: Ministry Studies, Women’s Leadership Studies, and Counseling.

This degree is comprised of 12, three-credit courses for a total of 36 credit hours. These courses are eight weeks in length, so two are offered back to back during each semester (fall, spring, and summer). It is possible for a student to complete this degree in six semesters, which is two years.

Ministry Studies Concentration

The Ministry Concentration is designed to equip ministry leaders for those seeking support positions and leadership positions in the local church.  This program strikes a balance between foundational theological preparation and real-life ministry training. The five concentration courses are ministry-based and taught by instructors with significant and successful experience in local church service. Courses start with a historical development of doctrine, then continue by building a philosophy of ministry, and conclude with effective ministry leadership principles.

Women’s Leadership Studies Concentration

Grace College and Seminary and Women of Grace USA are partnering to provide this degree opportunity for women who are already in ministry and are looking for quality training to develop their leadership skills. The Women’s Leadership Studies program is for women who desire interaction and challenge from others within ministry. This new program will help women to grow in their personal awareness of strengths and weaknesses as a leader in a Christian ministry setting. The Women’s Leadership Studies program will also help these women develop both ministry values and skills to make genuine connections with others in order to experience God’s love through spiritual friendships and community. Women in the program will gain leadership skills related to the organization and administration of ministry programs in church, para-church, and mission environments while internalizing a biblical world-view of dependency on God.

Counseling Concentration

The Counseling Concentration is designed to equip pastoral counselors and others with important ministry tools to help those who are hurting. The five counseling courses are ministry-based and taught by instructors who are engaged or have been engaged with counseling in a local church. These courses are different from the clinical courses taught in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Grace College. The concentration will start with the theological foundations of counseling and will address Christian counseling theories and methodologies. Other courses will address pre-marital and marital counseling and common problems experienced by those who seek help.

Master of Arts Online or Residential Program

With a bachelor’s degree, additional pre- and post-coursework will be completed to give academic credit for courses taken in the Women’s Leadership Studies program. Students may choose from a residential Master of Arts in Local Church Ministry through Grace Theological Seminary or an online Master of Arts in Ministry Studies through Grace College.

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