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Bachelor of Human Services

Conflict is a fact of life. People are constantly dealing with issues that require assistance and support from outside sources. Whether it’s divorce, homelessness, or a personal tragedy, people will always need help with personal issues that are affecting their well-being. Well-trained assistance can provide a person in need with a guiding hand through dark times, and help them back up on their feet.

This online bachelor of human services is for students balancing work and personal commitments while pursuing an education, offering convenient scheduling and academic resources to make completing a bachelor’s degree a reality.

Credit Requirements

Prior to graduation from this 45 credit hour program, students need 75 credit hours accumulated through other college credit, which can include up to 24 credit hours of Experiential Learning credit. College credits must be 100 level or higher with a C- or higher from an accredited (or approved unaccredited) college.

You can receive Grace College Experiential Learning Credit for documented life experiences after high school such as workplace learning and personal activities such as music lessons, athletic involvement, and computer courses. Our team will help you discover your credit-worthy experiences and document those experiences for credit. Grace awards one credit hour per 20 hours of documented experience at no cost to you!

Students currently below 39 credit hours should complete the Associate of Science in Liberal Arts prior to this bachelor degree in Human Services Online.

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